Beyond The Veil

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The Races


Ahh-n-gel (ie: Angel): These are not beings fallen or thrown from the Heavens, they are not immortal either, just long lived like all the races. They do have wings that are usually the same height as they are, head to heel, giving them a very large wingspan when fully extended. They can use the wings to fly and to fight. At the tips of each wing are very sharp, blade like, feathers that slice better than any Samurai sword on Earth. The rest of the wings are covered in soft, almost silky feathers and many Ahnjel's will admit to being mildly to extremely ticklish on their wings.


(ie: Dragon): This race is extremely secretive and there are no known races that can say, for certain, that they've ever met a Draygon. What little is known about this race is that they are rumored to be the only race that can fully transform no matter their mated status. They are also rumored to be exceptionally powerful and harder than a Luhpyne to kill in human form, in their Draygon form they are unstoppable. Or so it is rumored.


Loo-Pine (ie: Lupine, Wolf or Werewolf): Members of the Luhpyne race do not ever fully shift when unmated, they can shift to a half-half state of man and beast. Only once fully mated to their true other half can they shift into the beast fully. They are what Hollywood used as a basis for many of the werewolves of TV and film that walk upright on two legs. Silver has no effect on them and they are among the toughest of the races to kill.


Ray-th (ie: Spirit Walkers, Clairvoyants, etc): These beings are quite frail in comparison to the other Races, like a Human to a Luhpyne. They are secretive and prefer to remain in their Realm where the barrage from open Human minds do them no harm. The Raythe are also a Race who can suffer from Human diseases. The common cold can often put them down for weeks if not months. They are also susceptible to Chicken Pox, Measles and the Mumps though no cases have ever been reported at this time.

Among them, one every generation in select lines, are the Necromancers. They can pierce the veil between the mortal and spirit world. Often thought to be similar to the Cajun Voodun, those in touch with the other side, these beings are quite often easily distracted. There are a rare few who, with the right motives, can bring back one of the dead for a set period of time - negotiated when the spirit agrees to re-enter the world of the living. Their minds are often torn apart in their later years because of the constant barrage from the other side, including insanity, dementia and, eventually, death.


Spee-right (ie: Witch or Warlock): These beings are magical in all sorts of ways. Not all Spirytes have the same abilities, some have only one and others can have as many as a dozen. Very gentle souls they are tied deeply to Nature and the Universe, always striving for balance and harmony. But don't piss one off. You think being turned into a toad is bad? This race can make that look like a cake-walk if you get on their last nerve or threaten those they love. Unfortunately they are also one of only two races who can suffer from a human malady. Spirytes, depending on their abilities and effects from said abilities, can suffer from a form of Alzheimer's, with a much faster and disastrous results.


(ie: Vampire): These are nearly immortal bloodsuckers, just like Hollywood has made them out to be. But they are usually eerily beautiful instead of rotting corpses. They do not die and get made and, as far as we know, they cannot make any vampires either. Their blood does contain healing properties that can cure 97.85% of human diseases - but that's not for common knowledge. They do not have the weaknesses that TV or film vampires have. Only a direct hit to the heart that causes severe damage or removal of their heads can kill one of these bad boys/girls.

Terms of note


Alien and Earth Defence Alliance; Humans and Races working in a police/special forces/military manner to ensure peace and harmony and protect the citizens of Earth.


A term for all Races and Humans that have been chipped. There are two chips that everyone has, one mandatory and one optional. The mandatory one hold banking information (no more cash or credit cards), medical information (no more prescription issues) and also contains any information about a criminal past, etc. The optional one is inserted behind the ear and is a phone/radio. Not everyone can use this chip or is comfortable with it so it is, 100%, optional.


A Luhpyne term for a family unit, ie: parents and child/children.


  • One world leader: President & King combined

  • Congress is now comprised of a person from each country plus reps from the Alien realms

  • Representatives, below Congress, are from each state/province of Earth and the Alien realms


Each of the Races is fated to find a mate. Due to the openness of their cultures they are always mated in trio's, quads, etc. There has only ever been one documented case in all the very long history of the Races of a pair, one male and one female. We're pretty sure this is myth but one never knows...


Representatives for the Races, they speak for their particular Race on all matters between worlds and especially with the Humans. They have a large amount of power but have a structure surrounding them to ensure that power is never abused. The penalty is extremely harsh.


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